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We provide homeowners & construction professionals only the best services and products in the mechanical industry.


We provide plumbing services in the commercial & residential markets.


We provide you with the best options for heating services and products.


Our HVAC service & products elevate your quality of life indoors.

Gas Fitting

We are experts in Gas Fitting, contact us for your next project.

Boat Access

Over 10+ years of experience with Boat Access projects in British Columbia.

BIM Modeling & Design

The perfect solution for optimal construction efficieny in commercial & residential.

Preventing Issues, Saving Money & Increasing Construction Efficiency.

In a recent project with Terra Mechanical in Vancouver, BC, our 3D Building Solution services had an incredible impact on the job.


The architects and designers drafted a home in 2D but were not aware of space limitations in the mechanical rooms of this 32,000 sq.ft home. The developer needed 100% accuracy prior to starting the build to prevent costly mistakes – both with time & money.

Our Plan & Outcome

We took the 2D drawing and built the home in 3D to outline the issues that would have arose mid-construction, specifically in the mechanical room.

There was originally not enough space in the 2D version of the mechanical room, so our team rebuilt the room in 3D alongside Terra Mechanical to ensure that the installation was flawless & accurate for their team.

No costly errors mid-build, no time wasted and most importantly – a flawless building plan for peace of mind and increased construction efficiency.

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From the beginning to the completion of our installations TERRAMechanical Ltd. promises to provide quality, honesty and integrity all the way through.

We work together with forward thinking architects, designers engineers and contractors to provide our clients with the best possible decision and expertise when it comes to their home and building.

We will find what suits your needs best and provide you with the most energy efficient products for any size budget.

We are always ahead of the competition with the latest and most energy efficient technologies. We attend seminars and courses offered by manufactureres and distributors local and overseas contributing to offering better products and services to you and our environment.

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