The Solstice Inverter Monobloc air-to-water heat pump uses inverter compressors and DC driven fan motors for optimal load matching and has an advanced touch screen control for easy user interface. The Solstice Inverter Monobloc keeps all refrigerant conveniently located outside the home and is capable of low ambient cooling. Available in 3 and 5 ton models.

SIM-036 (3 ton)

Heating Capacity Range 13,200 – 38,700 Btu/h*

Heating COP up to 5.01*

Cooling Capacity Range 1 – 3 tons*

Cooling EERup to 12.97*


SIM-060 (5 ton)

Heating Capacity Range 25,400 – 70,600 Btu/h*

Heating COP up to 4.67*

Cooling Capacity Range 1.5 – 5 tons*

Cooling EERup to 11.60*

*Using AHRI 550/590 Test Criteria

Standard Features

  • Reliable Mitsubishi Inverter Compressor
  • Advanced Touch Screen Control
  • Monobloc Design (No On-Site Refrigerant Charging)
  • All Refrigerant is Kept Outside
  • Low Ambient Cooling
  • Freeze Protection
  • Low Amp Draw with Ultra Quiet Operation

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