ANK (2-4 Tons)

The ANK reversible heat pump produces hot water of up to 60°C in outdoor temperatures between -20°C and 42°C. It reduces heating costs by up to 30% compared with the best conventional systems and condensation boilers. They can be combined with all terminals (radiant panels, fancoils and radiators) and is also able to produce domestic hot water. Available with high efficiency compressors and also available in versions with circulation pump only, or with accumulation as well.



Operating field

Working at full load up to -4°F outside air temperature in winter, and

up to 114.8°F in summer. Possibility production technical hot water

production up to 140.0°F (for more information see the technical documentation).


Technical hot water production

The technical hot water , thanks to an intermediate heat exchanger,

can guarantee the domestic hot water production (a storage tank is



Version with Integrated hydronic kit

Integrated hydronic kit containing the main hydraulic components;

available with various configurations to obtain a solution that allows

you to facilitate installation.

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