Arctic Titanium Heat Pump for Swimming Pools and Spas – 015ZA/B

Heats & Chills – 17,742 BTU – DC Inverter

Air to Water Heat pump for pools, hot tubs and spas

015ZA/B Heat/Chill Heat Pump

Chiller and Heater in one unit

While hot tub users most often reference the heating requirements, the Arctic Heat Pump is also a chiller if need. That’s right…It can heat and cool based on a simple controller selection. Ideal for hot climates that need a retreat from the hot summer heat! A cold water plunge is a must for Sauna owners. Now you can quickly change your hot tub to a cold plunge tub! Cold water therapy has many health benefits and is growing in popularity in North America as we discover what the Nordic Culture has practiced for centuries.

Excessively hot swimming pools cause problems with the chemical imbalance and can quickly become full of algae if not properly monitored. Chlorine evaporates as the water temperature rises. In areas such as California, Texas, Arizona and Florida, the hot summer temperatures can be difficult for pool owners. The Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps allows owners to reduce the temperatures back down to proper levels. By Chilling your pool you can get reprieve from hot summer heat waves, when the temperature drops, the Arctic Heat Pump will switch back to heating mode.

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