Venmar AVS S10 ERV ECM – Available in reverse unit


The ideal in-suite ventilation solution

Contemporary construction standards and the requirements of modern urban living have raised the bar for cost and performance. S10 ERV ECM meets these demands with a remarkable achievement – up to 105 CFM airflow rate and unmatched energy efficiency in a design so compact it installs easily in the ceiling of any living unit. At only nine inches thick, this is a great, cost-effective solution.

Outstanding comfort at a very comfortable price

The S10 ERV ECM is equipped with 2 highly efficient ECM motors that provide a significant energy saving of 52% in comparison with the S10 ERV standard model, making it the most energy-efficient ERV of the S series. With a power consumption of 21W at low speed, this new product delivers a ratio of 2.3 CFM/W, making it the perfect solution for in-suite ventilation in energy-efficient multifamily and high rise buildings.

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